chateau Rocher Bellevue

The castle

The vine enjoys natural drainage and exposure to the sun favorable to the production of concentrated wines, tannic and aromatic tannins on the coasts. Swept by the winds, the air is healthier there and requires less the intervention of the man.

At the Château Rocher Bellevue the wine of hilltop are doubly consecrated: they have the character of these wines of elevation and the noble elegance of their Bordeaux tradition.


Château Rocher Bellevue produces racy, powerful and elegant rib wines. The vineyards extend over an area of ​​19 hectares divided into two communes: that of Saint-Magne-de-Castillon with clay-limestone soils and that of Saint-Genès-de-Castillon with clay-loam soils.


These two very different terroirs produce wines with a unique character: the vineyards of the hills give powerful and structured wines, those at the bottom of the coast are fresh, supple and aromatic wines.


Les Cerisiers

AOP description

From the top of their limestone peaks, covered with stony gravel, the hilly landscapes of the Côtes de Bordeaux offer the vines an ideal level of sunshine. The temperate climate due to the proximity of the river and the sloping terraces exposed south / south-west guarantee the harvest of healthy and ripe grapes each year.


Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux


19 Ha


Calcareous limestone slopes and clay-silty plain


5500 pieds/Ha

Grape variety

Merlot and Cabernet Franc


Rational agriculture – in organic conversion


Mechanical with manual sorting


Traditional in thermo-regulated small volume stainless steel vats for parcel vinification


20% in barrels of which 1/3 is renewed each year and 80% in vats to preserve freshness of fruity character

Annual production

130 000

2nd name

Coutet Saint Magne